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Meet Ana Garcia and Learn About Gibraltar from the Perspective of a Filmmaker

Ana Garcia is a native of Gibraltar, although she moved to the United Kingdom at a tender age of 12 when she was sent to a boarding school. Ana is a documentary filmmaker who studied in UK and Italy. She started with a documentary job in 2005, and after such, the rest, as they say, is history.

Ana recently made a movie depicting the story of Gibraltar and the conflict it has with Spain. Since 1704, it is asserted that people in Gibraltar have been living on the Rock. The latter is one thing that Spain has always wanted, but Gibraltarians have been firm on not giving it up. All that they want is to have peace on their own and for the Spanish government to not mingle with their lives. Spain, however, has been stubborn and repeatedly bullied Gibraltar. This aggression has been remembered for generations, even until his day. With this, Gibraltar has been firm that they will never be part of Spain.

In one interview, when asked about why she was inspired to make the film, Ana narrated an instance wherein her mother was being interrogated by a Spanish police officer, which happened when she was only ten years old. Ana revealed that she felt there was an injustice, especially because the Spanish government does not recognise the passports and licenses of people from Gibraltar, which is just one of the signs of oppression. She also noted that this film was made to change perceptions about Gibraltar, which has always been under-represented. She sought to let the world know who they are, and more importantly, why they are fighting to be British and resisting the force of Spain.

According to Ana, the film did well and achieved her goal. Many journalists and filmmakers had words of praises. However, its distribution was limited, which is why it has not yet reached a massive scale in terms of viewership. She adds that it would be nice if one day, her film will be shown in televisions and will be available online, making it possible for more people to know more about the history and struggle of Gibraltar.

Aside from the movie, Ana also shared her thoughts about the culture in Gibraltar and why she loved it, although a large part of her life has been spent in the UK. Ana revealed that Gibraltar culture is very Latin. It is an ix of British and Spanish influences. Like everyone else in Gibraltar, Ana loves her family so much – one thing that is inherent in their culture. With this, even if based in the UK, she returns often to her hometown to be with her family. Aside from them, Ana also shared that they have wonderful beaches, which is enough reason for her to come back.

Gibraltar is one place that many of you might not hear of in the past. The film by Ana Garcia will help you learn more about its history, and you will understand their struggles.