Are you looking for a taste of home when you travel abroad?


Gibraltar and the local area

If you want to combine a gloriously sunny location with the best that Britain has to offer then you should consider a visit to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a British colony that’s also near Spain. So if you’re from the UK you can still have a taste of home without the terrible weather of course!

The local language there is an odd mix of Spanish, Maltese and English. If you’re going to Spain this year then why not combine your visit with a day trip to Gibraltar.

A word of warning though, because Gibraltar is not part of the EU or Spain there are very strict border controls. This means that there could be waits of 3 hours to enter and exit the island. If you’re from Britain then you’ll also want to make sure you have pound sterling with you as this is the official currency. However, shops do still accept Euros.

Days Out

For anybody visiting their first port of call would be The Rock of Gibraltar. On your way to the top you’ll come across monkeys, but don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, some of them have been known to steal personal possessions. If you’re feeling adventurous and feel like you’re good behind the wheel then you could drive to the top, although beware of the winding and twisting roads.

Once you’ve done that then why not go underground. St Michaels cave is a must-see destination. Because the British military have had a long history on the island, there are plenty of other places, such as old World War 2 air raid shelters

If you want to see another interesting site then visit the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque. This was built by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the largest mosques in the world that isn’t in a Muslim country and is also the most southerly mosque in Europe too.


Don’t forget Gibraltar are now officially recognised by FIFA as an international team. If you’re looking to watch a game here then while the quality of the match might not be great, but there will be plenty of passion from this young footballing nations fans.

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