Some of the Best Things to Do in Rio De Janeiro


When you hear Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is football or soccer. Well, this country in South America has more than football to offer. Being the largest country in the continent, there are beaches, colonial churches, vast rainforest stretches, art museums and many other attractions to admire. When you plan your next holiday to the country, you should not worry about how expensive it will be since there are cheap flights to Brazil if you spend some time looking on flight comparison sites like Travangelo for example.

Explore some of the Landmarks in Rio de Janeiro

When you land in Rio de Janeiro, you will definitely need to familiarise yourself with the capital of Brazil. From the Sugar Loaf to Cristo Redentor, there is so much to see in Rio. Marked by a rounded rock peak and standing at 394 meters, Sugar Loaf is one of the best places to see in Brazil. There is a cable car that gets you to this amazing landmark. Another great attraction is the Cristo Redentor which translates to Christ the Redeemer. This is a 30-meter statue of Christ is at the Corcovado’s summit with its arms wide open. With cheap flights to Brazil, you can admire this marvel.

Visiting the 247 Waterfalls of Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is not to be missed while in Brazil. It is quite fascinating how the 247 waterfalls thunder below. The falls can be seen from different angles at the point where Paraguay meets Brazil and Argentina. There is a tower and catwalks for different perspectives. Most of the people who get cheap flights to Brazil just to explore the falls ensure they head to the Argentinian and the Brazilian sides. Visitors get a chance to come up-close to the “Devil’s Throat” or the Garganta do Diablo which is the largest waterfall of all by a bridge.

Visiting the Amazon and the Amazon RainForests

Who would not like to see the world famous Amazon? The Amazon Rain Forest and the Amazon River are famous round the globe and Brazil gives you the unique chance of seeing them. You have a chance of visiting Encontro das Aguas from Manaus and witnessing where Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro turns into the Amazon. This is by the boat trips organised for visitors.

Brazil is a rich country that gives visitors what they are looking for. Whether you need cheap flights to Brazil; you need to sunbathe in golden beaches, see unique landmarks, visit a football camp or admire the famous Iguazu Falls, there is always something that you can do. Besides these, lovers of architecture can discover the colonial architecture in the country that has been preserved in a great way.